Gungame is a Gamemode on the server similar to FFA (Free For All) in which all players start with a low powered gun. Getting a kill will 'Level up' Your gun, The first person to get all of the Guns will win.

Here is the order of the guns in this gamemode:

0 Kills (Start): usp45

1 Kill: m9

2 Kills: m16

3 Kills: m4a1

4 Kills: m1014

5 Kills: spas12

6 Kills: l118a

7 Kills: dragunov

8 Kills: magnum

9 Kills: desert eagle

10 Kills: ak47

11 Kills: famas

12 Kills: aa12

13 Kills: model1887

14 Kills: barret50cal

15 Kills: MSR

16 Kills: executioner

17 Kills: python

18 Kills: spas24

19 Kills: typhoid

20 Kills: lemantation

21 Kills: skullcrusher

22 Kills: l120-isolator

23 Kills: disassembler

24 Kills (Final): LAW